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Are you searching for jumping castles in gauteng?


If you are, jumping castles gauteng will provide you with competitive prices, just request a quote with your castle requirements and jumping castles in gauteng will contact you to discuss your needs.

Should it be for hire, for sale, kids parties or party castle, our jumping castles company can assist.

Jumping Castles in Gauteng can provide you with more information on the cost.

Submit your requirements to jumping castles in gauteng and they will contact you with their rates.

We offer quality Jumping Castles, Water Slides and Gladiators. Our customers have seen the delight on their children's faces when choosing our rental products. Party Animals continue to innovate with new designs and exciting products that kids as well as adults find appealing.

Most of our units have roofs, 15m power leads on the blowers, and rain covers. Your children are protected from the harsh sun in the summer and will keep the warmer and dry in the winter. We aim to deliver the very best service on all our rentals in the major parts of South Africa.

We are busy establishing a franchise network of quality jumping castles and rental operators all over Gauteng, across South Africa and soon, Southern Africa! We are looking at establishing a global network for all kinds of jumping castles and inflatables.

Franchise info page - Our brand of inflatables are now ONLY available to purchase through our franchise network. This is because we aim, not only to produce a top quality product but also a well maintained jumping castle, as well as clean and great service throughout our franchise network











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